• Icon South Beach #2206 - $1.275M

    Icon South Beach #2206 - $1.275M

  • Faena House - Miami Beach

    Faena House - Miami Beach

  • One Ocean - Miami Beach

    One Ocean - Miami Beach

Brickell City Centre Cranes

brickell city centre cranes

With the exception of 1100 Millecento and Nine, Brickell City Centre's cranes dominate this view of the Brickell Skyline.  More information about Brickell City Centre is available at their newly released website.

Faena Adds Claridge to The District

With his last acquisition still fresh in our memory, Alan Faena has purchased yet another site for addition to his Faena District project in Miami Beach.  With a reported purchase price of $14 million, this deal seems small when compared to the $100 million put down for Versailles, and will add another 14,000 square feet of area to the project.  Faena recently announced he would be bringing visionary Thomas Hetherwick in to design a new tower behind the Versailles hotel.  This development continues to be interesting.