• Icon South Beach #2206 - $1.275M

    Icon South Beach #2206 - $1.275M

  • Faena House - Miami Beach

    Faena House - Miami Beach

  • One Ocean - Miami Beach

    One Ocean - Miami Beach

David Beckham's MLS Stadium Update

CBS Miami reported yesterday that the fate of the latest proposal for David Beckham's MLS stadium site is now sitting with the City of Miami.  Miami-Dade county's mayor, Carlos Gimenez, said on the Joe Rose Show, "Well it’s up to the city of Miami,The city of Miami owns most of the land that they're looking at and so right now they're dealing with the city in terms of what it could be, does it need to go to referendum, does it not need to go to referendum, is there gonna be a rent payment, etc. Eventually it comes back to the county in one way or the other but the initial phase of this is actually over at the city of Miami." The proposed stadium would sit right next to Marlins Stadium.

beckham stadium

Design District's Palm Court Takes Shape

Surrounded by fashion icons like Valentino and Louis Vuitton, and premier watch outlets including Hublot and Tourbillon, the Palm Court of the Design District is a must see for those with discerning tastes.  As development of this space nears completion, it is apparent that no expense is being spared on its design and construction. Matching the sophistication of its shopping options, the architecture and sculptural centerpieces are not those found in your run-of the-mill shopping mall.  From Xavier Veilhan's interpretation of Le Corbusier, to the prototype of Buckminister Fuller's Fly's Eye Dome, to Sou Fujimoto's stunning crystalline facade, there are many sights to take in.
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